Nutiva Hemp seed oil review – Relieve your acne

Hemp Oil has a comedogenic rating of 0, meaning that it does not clog your pores, so it is ideal for acne-sufferers.

Left: 24-ounces
Right: 8-ounces

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Some Backstory

I bought Hemp Oil when I was in seventh grade after a disastrous encounter with coconut oil.  Coconut oil has a comedogenic rating of 4-5, so it is almost certain to cause acne.  However, no one warned me about that when I was researching ways to naturally moisturize my face.  When I started to use coconut oil, I thought that the pimples were a result of the transition period, but after red angry lumps began to appear on my face, I decided that it was time to find a new moisturizer.

As I did more research, I discovered that Hemp Oil would be my best bet, so I ordered Nutiva Hemp Oil off of Amazon and impatiently waited for it to arrive.  When it delivered, I tore open the box and immediately used it because the pimples on my face had become very severe.  The one on my forehead and the one on my chin were about a centimeter in diameter!

I literally sighed with relief as I applied Nutiva’s Hemp oil.  It is very light and I could feel it starting to work its magic on my face.  Within a week, all of my pimples were… GONE!


  • Nutiva Hemp oil is great because it comes in two sizes. 
    • I bought both the 24-ounce and the 8-ounce bottles.  I prefer the 8-ounce bottle because Hemp Oil has a short shelf life and it takes forever to use 24-ounces.
  • It is edible.
    • I believe the safest skin care products are the ones that you can consume. 
  • It is really effective in relieving acne.
  • It is very light (not greasy). 
  • It is organic and non-GMO. 
  • It can help with skin conditions other than acne, such as eczema and psoriasis.  
  • It is cold pressed. 
    • This means that they did not use heat to extract the oil so more of its nutrients are intact.


  • You have to keep it in the fridge. I usually put it in a small bowl and bring it to the shower to use it.
  • It has a short shelf life. 
      • It is recommended to finish it within three months of opening, but I continue to use it until it starts to smell rancid.
      • When the smell changes to a dusty, old smell, it means that it has gone rancid.


However, these two cons apply to Hemp Oil in general, not just Nutiva.

  • It is hard to control how much comes out of the bottle. 
    • I find that a lot of the oil goes to waste because each time I try to get a little bit of oil, a 10x the amount that I need spurts out.
    • Thus, I switched over to Sky Organics’ Hemp Seed Oil because it comes with a pump.

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I have used Nutiva Hemp Oil for about 4 years, and then Sky Organics’ Hemp Seed Oil.  I mainly use it on my forehead and chin because that is where the most pimples appear for me, and I use avocado oil on the rest of my face and neck because those areas are drier.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, leave them below and I will be more than happy to reply!



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