Coconut Oil For the Face – Not the Best Idea

You have probably read that coconut oil is amazing for your face.  Many people advertise that it is great for oil cleansing and to relieve acne, but do not believe this!!!  In this post, I will describe my personal experiences with coconut oil and why it is not the best oil for your face.

Coconut Oil’s Comedogenic Rating

Comedogenic ratings are on a scale of 0-5.  “0” means that the oil will not clog your pores and it builds up to “5” which means that it is likely to clog your pores.

And where does coconut oil rank on the comedogenic scale? Wait for it… a mind-blowing 5!  I don’t know about you, but I would be very reluctant to slather on some pimple-causing-oil on my face.

If you are confused about comedogenic ratings, this post has a more detailed description.

My Skin Bio

I am an Asian, teenage girl with sensitive skin.  My cheeks are a bit on the drier side while my forehead and chin are oilier. My skin does not like fake metals (they give me rashes in a matter of minutes), and it doesn’t like products with too many fragrances in it.


My Relationship With Coconut Oil

When I just entered the world of natural skincare, I read numerous posts and articles promoting the use of coconut oil for your face.  From cleaning to pimple reducing to moisturizing… it seemed like its benefits were endless! So naturally (haha, get it?), I decided to give it a try, and this decision will probably haunt me for the rest of my life.

At that time, my mom had bought some coconut oil from Costco, so it was very easy for me to open the jar, scoop some out into a bowl, and bring it to the bathroom with me to use after I finished showering.  I made sure to really rub it so that I wouldn’t miss out on any of its “benefits.”

Here is my timeline:

Day One: 

Everything seemed fine, a few small bumps were appearing, but that is to be expected because my skin is adjusting…right?

Day Two: 

My skin must have still been adjusting?

Day Three:

Is it still in the purging stage?

Day Four: 

I finally came out of my denial and accepted that coconut oil was the culprit and was causing my new acne.

Day Five: 

I conducted more research and found new information that somehow slipped by me: Coconut oil is highly likely to cause acne!!!!!

………Wow, that would have been really useful to learn beforehand 🙁

Since I am a very stubborn child, I did not let my experience with coconut oil deter me from the world of natural skincare.  Instead, I decided to read more thoroughly and then purchased Hemp Seed Oil which has a comedogenic rating of 0.

A few years ahead: 

I used coconut oil on my face in seventh grade.  It has been three years and I still have not forgotten the embarrassment it caused me.  I literally walked around with a hand partially covering my face to “block out the sun” so that people could not see all the pimples.  The pimples were not regular teenager pimples either.  They were “you should probably go see a dermatologist” kind of pimples because some of them were about a centimeter in diameter.

Thank goodness that Hemp Seed Oil saved my skin.  I was so happy when it was finally delivered to me, I could have wept with joy.  I immediately began using the Hemp Seed Oil, and within a few weeks, it cleared up the mess that coconut oil caused.



Coconut oil has worked for a few people, but it is highly unlikely that you will obtain the same results.  If you are still fixed on trying it out, make sure you do a skin patch test.

A skin patch test is trying out a bit of a substance on a sensitive part of your skin such as the inside of your elbow or wrist, or behind your ear.  Then you leave it on for 12 to 24 hours.  Watch the area, and if there are any negative reactions such as itchiness, flaking, or redness, it may mean that you are allergic or have bad reactions to the oil.

Other Uses For Coconut Oil

Just because coconut causes a majority of people to break out doesn’t mean that it is completely useless.  Here are some ways you can still incorporate coconut oil into your routine.

  1. Oil Pulling 
    1. Oil pulling is said to improve oral health, remove bacteria, and whiten teeth
    2. I like to use coconut oil like a mouthwash by swishing it around my mouth for about 2-5 minutes
    3. I’m not sure if there are any super great benefits, but my teeth have been getting whiter
    4. There aren’t any downsides unless you swallow it (too much fat), or if you feel nauseous from having oil in your mouth
  2. Moisturizing the Rest of Your Body 
    1. While coconut oil causes my face to break out, it works fine for the rest of my body such as my arms and legs.
      1. It is because the rest of my body isn’t as sensitive as my face.
  3. Baking 
    1. Coconut can partially or completely substitute other oils or butter in baking.
    2. There are also some beliefs that coconut oil may help avoid Alzheimer’s
      1. On the other hand, even though there are some instances where coconut oil seemed to cure Alzheimer’s, it still has not been scientifically proven.
      2. However, it doesn’t hurt to try.
      3. Just remember, everything in moderation, coconut oil is full of fat, so do not consume too much.
  4. Nails
    1. Melted coconut oil can be applied to nails to strengthen them.
    2. Be careful not to touch your face while the coconut oil is still on your nails.

Learn From Other’s Mistakes

Please, please learn from my mistakes.  I am very lucky that coconut oil did not have a long-term effect.  However, I have read about an experience where a week of coconut oil ruined a woman’s face for a few years.  So to avoid all the stress, embarrassment, and hassle, try to refrain from putting coconut oil on your face.

So Should You Still Use Oil on Your Face?

Absolutely. Oils are the best natural moisturizers out there. You just have to be picky about which oil you choose for your face. You can read this post if you would like some tips for picking the best oil for your skin type.

To Sum It All Up

I hope you found this post useful.  I will be extraordinarily happy if I helped you decide to be cautious around coconut oil because I couldn’t find any information about its negative side effects until it was too late :(.

Luckily, coconut oil isn’t the only natural product out there. If you would like to learn about other natural skincare products, you can go to my homepage.

Most importantly, have fun!!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, leave them below and I will be more than happy to reply!


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