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My name is Crystal and I am a sophomore swimmer in high school.  Natural skincare has always been a fascinating topic to me. Even though clear and healthy skin doesn’t necessarily define a person, it gives me the confidence to speak more and socialize.


I remember walking at malls or parks and seeing teenagers that were twice my size and realizing that a good number of them had acne. Especially on these days, I would fervently pray that my own teenage years wouldn’t give me the same results.

I grew up seeing my cousins’ and friends’ faces covered in pimples.  When I asked my parents why they looked like that, they told me practical information like “you need to eat healthy if you don’t want pimples” as well as superstitious phrases such as  “every grain of rice you leave on your plate is a pimple added to your husband’s face”.  All of these events sparked my interest in preventing acne or blemishes of any kind.  In sixth grade, I saw two tiny bumps on the side of my cheek, and I knew it was time to start researching.

Because I was still a little kid in elementary, I was drawn towards items that were available in the kitchen instead of twelve dollar products in stores. Twelve dollars seemed like a fortune to me at the time, and why would I take the time to go to Target when I had free supplies like yogurt, strawberries, and oatmeal in the kitchen? My frugal tendencies saved me from being sucked into the chemical and expensive world of skincare and I would like to help others to do the same.

Making Mistakes

You know that phrase “always learn from your mistakes”? Well, I believe that you don’t have to only learn from your own, but other people’s mistakes as well.

As I explored the natural world, I conducted many experiments and a multitude of them were disasters. For instance, I read that coconut oil was the best for my dry skin, so I decided to smother it all over my face. I would never, ever, recommend this to anyone. For the next two weeks, it looked like my face was stung by bees because the coconut oil had clogged my pores. I remember that I was so embarrassed that I would use my hand to “block the sun” while I was talking to people. Eventually, I found hemp oil which thankfully cleared my skin. I hope to prevent people from experiencing similar traumatic events and guide them to the best way to care for their complexion.

Staying Clear and Youthful

As I entered middle and high school, my peers began to question how I kept my skin so clear. At first, I simply gave them some tips and a homemade clay mask, but I wasn’t sure if it would be effective because their skin was oily while mine was a bit more on the dry side. To my surprise, they gave me positive feedback and reported that their acne was disappearing. I was very excited because it meant that all my hard work paid off and that I could probably help even more people achieve their goal of clear skin.

My own mission is to be one of those people that look like they are 20 years younger than they actually are. I try to stick to natural skincare because it makes sense that our skin would prefer natural products because it is part of nature itself.

As I continue to learn more about natural solutions, I would like to share my past, present, and future experiences with others to help them discover the best way to keep their complexion free of blemishes.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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